eZDebug Helper

What is this?

eZDebug Helper is a Chrome/Chromium browser extension that assists developers in debugging eZPublish websites. The main idea behind this project, is to process default debug information provided by eZPublish and allow developer to easily interact with them.


Main features of eZDebug Helper are stressed bellow (please move the mouse pointer over images to see descriptions):


Click here to visit this extensions page in Chrome Web Store where it can be installed. This extension will be updated automatically by your browser whenever new version becomes available.

NOTE: if you are unable to install this extension, try updating Chrome to the latest version (this extension makes use of new Chrome API).

For this extension to work make sure that site.ini of debugged website contains following configuration:



To start using installed extension please navigate to eZPublish website and open Developer Toolbar (F12). "eZMessages" and "eZTemplates" panels should be available.

NOTE: this extension is intended for use with eZPublish 4.5+, older versions are not supported (yet?).


If you would like to contribute to this project (which is written mostly in JavaScript) fork it on github.

Fork me on GitHub